Setting up a new business is such a busy time that writing a blog seems a bit of a luxury or even frivolous.  There’s your website to build, you social media audience to gather, you have to register with various government bodies and goodness knows they are not always straight forward.

It is easy to see why putting a content plan together can fall off the urgent list.

But writing content should be an integral part of your website. Here’s why:


Your first few website visitors are going to be friends and family. You’ve already earned their trust. And they are going to be nice to you and say that it all looks lovely.

Your next set of visitors are going to be your wider network. Sorry to break this to you but Google isn’t going send folks to your site for some time yet but I’ll come to this later. These people might have met you, be your ex-colleagues or are friends-of-friends. They have less of a trust level in what you do than your friends and family.

If you have relevant content on the site and they can see it is being updated on a regular basis that builds trust even when you are starting out.


Integrity is important in building trust. When you are reaching out to people who have met you a handful of times in life, they might not get a sense of your honesty and principles from those meetings. Of course, they will get a sense of it but you can build on your good foundation by showing what you do.

If you’ve been to a few networking meetings you’ll know that people are more than willing to tell you what they do. And then you go home and check out their website to see if it matches what they’ve said. Blogging is your chance to show rather than tell.


As a new business or start up, you have the problem that all of your competitors already have an online presence and are using this to establish themselves as experts in your field. That’s a big hill to climb.  But don’t worry, if you’re sharing some of your knowledge and experience on a blog, then you are building your profile, in your own unique way.


Ah the good ship SEO. Writing blogs for SEO is a skill and one that I recommend you learn. In fact, if appearing in search engines is part of your plan then you really need to start blogging RIGHT NOW. It takes a good few months for your initial hard work to start paying dividends.

Now, you’re not going to learn all the SEO you need from two paragraphs in an article. But you can write a few pieces of content that are focused on your chosen key search terms and plot out how these link into your wider site structure.


A good blog will always solve a problem for your audience. This starts the cycle of know, like and trust. You are being super helpful and you’ve planted a seed of awareness in their heads that you exist. And that means you can start reaching out to them in other ways.


Perhaps my favourite reason to start a blog when you are starting your business is that it takes a while to find your feet. This applies to all content whether you have a podcast, YouTube channel, or a written blog. There are blogs that I’ve written years ago that make me cringe now. Your first few attempts will be rubbish. And then you’ll get a bit better, and a bit better still. And when your SEO starts to work, you’ve already gotten lots better at writing blogs.


Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that writing a blog is going to be great for your sparkling new business. But getting started isn’t always easy. I have a blogging checklist that you can download here.