Content consultancy and copywriting services

for B Corps and vegan brands

Providing vegan brands and B Corps with content strategy, training and content delivery. Helping your marketing teams tell a unified brand story. Whether you are at the startup or growth stage, the right content strategy builds a more powerful brand voice and supports your sales. 



content clinic coffee and notebook

Sort out your content conundrums in this one-hour session. Figure out why your current content isn’t converting and go away with a clear plan.


content strategy

Full content and SEO strategy services so you can get more from your content. Uniquely tailored to your business goals and resources.


Copywriting services for your business growth. For your blogs, captions, newsletters, sales pages, and long-form articles.


Have a look at the latest blogs for help and support with your own content. 

How to stick to a content plan

How to stick to a content plan

Oh, those lovely content plans that we start at the beginning of the year. They last for about three weeks and then it all goes out of the window and we’re winging it. When I did a survey with my Thursday Brew readers, 100% of people who answered said that they...

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How to create brand copy

How to create brand copy

If you want to create brand copy then you're gonna need a good set of solid brand guidelines that includes tone of voice. Only this bit of brand building is often missing. "Hey there new client - can I get a copy of your tone of voice guidelines?" "Er... yeah so the...

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How To Build A Content Calendar For Your Vegan Business

How To Build A Content Calendar For Your Vegan Business

If you want to be consistent with your content marketing then you need to know what you plan to create so that you can create it. You need to build a content calendar. It sounds simple on the face of it - get a calendar, stick in what you plan to publish, and hit...

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Content as individual as your business

You’re unsure if your content is resonating with your audience. Plus, you pay for a website each month but it’s not really paying for itself. Content marketing doesn’t need to be this hard. Imagine knowing what content is going to convert, giving your audience what they want and not feeling like you’re trying to do everything just to get a sale. 

At Indie Essentials we understand the vegan, eco and ethical markets. Putting people before profits. We have a track record of improving SEO, creating converting content and telling your story to multiple audience groups.

We offer a different approach. 

One that fits your specific business goals and is as unique as your brand. 

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