This is my ‘now’ page. For those who don’t know what a ‘now page’ is, go and check out Derek Sivers writing on this right here.

May 2022

I got my DNA results back. My entire family is fed up of my banging on about it but it has been truly life changing. Firstly, I found out I have a fairly rare gene called Slow COMT. It is the slow version of fast COMT. I’m not entirely sure you’d want either, if I’m honest.

The headline is that my body can’t detoxify itself properly. This means I hold onto hormones which lead to pain and other rubbish stuff. It also means I should avoid stress and high-impact exercise. I’m good with the exercise thing anyway. It also means that exercise doesn’t help me lose weight, which explains a lot.

But the upsides to this gene is that I feel all the feels. So I’m generally quite bubbly and happy and get excited about things a lot. I also have extra protection against dementia and my brain works fast. And this gene gives me good skin. So that’s all positives. And the other good news (this is the feeling all the feels and being super happy about this gene) is that now I’m on a diet for my genes and taking supplements so I feel very alive right now.

I mean I’m not eating sugar or drinking  25 cups of tea a day but I do feel great.

So much of my life, personality, decisions all make way more sense now I’ve seen my DNA. Very much life-changing and I heartily recommend it.

Books I’ve been reading: 

I’m still reading the Lying Life of Adults by Elena Ferrante. It took me a while to get into so it’s been a stop-start reading month but now I’m almost through it, I think it’s a brilliant coming-of-age story.


I’ve been listening to a 30 minutes of morbid podcast. That might not be the title or it might. I forget. But it’s good and is part history, part real crime, part gore. All very good.


I’ve been to see Low in Bristol this month. A band whose record I re-released back in the day but have never seen live. It was a great show, even if the venue turned on the lights for the last song as they went over curfew.

We also went to the Cheltenham Jazz Festival. I ate a vegan burger, watched the free stuff from outside the tent and my daughter fell asleep on me. So a normal festival experience. 

Records on heavy rotation this month are: 

– The Body

– Amyl and The Sniffers