This is my ‘now’ page. For those who don’t know what a ‘now page’ is, go and check out Derek Sivers writing on this right here.


I’m refusing to read a single post or piece of writing about ‘reflecting on what we learned in 2020’. I write a journal, it’s all in there. Learning is an ongoing process that should be done all the time, not just at the end of a particularly crappy year. And while I’m on this subject, why must we always learn from the bad stuff? The hard year? And when things go wrong? Of course learning from your mistakes a good thing. But maybe we should also learn from when things go right? What can we repeat and improve upon when we’re feeling good?

I’m currently reading Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado

My current non-fiction read is Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Reading gets done in that small crack of the day where the kids are supposed to be getting into their pyjamas and brushing their teeth before bed. They drag this out for the best part of an hour, which gives me a chance to sit and read.

Work-wise I’ve just launched the Brew Time podcast. I’ve made LOADS of mistakes. I should probably learn from them. I am doing really. Someone has given me some excellent feedback and so it’ll get better. I knew the first few episodes would be a bit rubbish on my part – not my guests. They are brilliant.

And learning from the good bits – I blimmin’ enjoy doing a podcast. I’m now trying to think of what other podcasts I could do that are absolutely nothing at all to do with work. And don’t require too much time from me.

I discovered that my SEO work is paying off and I’m ranking for some keywords. One of which is ‘content writer training’. So I’ve created a training course. It coincides with training someone to work with me. So they are testing the course and feeding back to me. I want to work 1-1 with people as I think that’s how I can best help them. Everyone will have a different entry point to being a content writer. But I want more people to see how fun this job is. I love learning about new things when researching blog content.

TV shows I am watching include Valhalla Murders on BBC4, The Wire on Now TV, that one with Hugh Grant on Now TV and Schitt’s Creek on Netflix.

I’m also creating a crochet blanket for my new nephew. I’ve not done anywhere near enough knitting and crochet this year. Since it’s the thing I do while watching TV, it means my evenings must have been filled with other things.

Finally, I’m now training for half marathon distance. And would like to get a whole lot faster at running. I should be back indoor climbing in the new year.


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