This is my ‘now’ page. For those who don’t know what a ‘now page’ is, go and check out Derek Sivers writing on this right here.


I’m currently reading Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. It’s my third attempt at this book and I finally see its brilliance. 

My current non-fiction read is still Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

If you’ve read this page before – yes I am taking my sweet time the the Kahneman book. I did laugh at my husband for taking two years to read it. So he is now laughing at me. 

The half-marathon training is back on. After throwing my running shoes out of the pram/window/whatever back in May because my original half got moved for the third time, I’m behind on training. The half-marathon is in the first weekend of September. I’m currently up to 14km long runs. And still using the Candy Kittens as running fuel. I ran out and tried vegan marshmallows but that was a disaster. 

I’m writing some short stories for competition entries and the book idea is still progressing slowly. I know you’re not meant to tell anyone when you’re writing a book. But isn’t everyone writing a book? 

We’ve taken up karate as a family. It’s bloomin’ brilliant. I do wish I’d tried this earlier. Current sports are running, karate, indoor climbing and yoga. Not bad for someone who never did any sports growing up. 

Records on heavy rotation this month are: 

– Black Midi

– The Beths

– Orchestra of Constant Distress

– William Elliott Whitmore

And I’m looking forward to the new Boris and Low albums when they come out.