This is my ‘now’ page. For those who don’t know what a ‘now page’ is, go and check out Derek Sivers writing on this right here.

MAY 2021

This is not the Spring that any of us hoped for but I’m feeling incredibly hopeful. Right now, I’m working on offering a service to business owners when they are feeling like they’ve run out of blogging ideas. It’s come from a few of my clients having a deep one-hour discussion with me about where their content could go from here. 

Sometimes, businesses don’t need a blog written but DO need to know what kinds of blogs they need to write. Or what they need to be talking about. And that is more helpful than offering to write the blog for them. So, I’m answering that need with a Copy Clinic. Get in touch if you’re interested. 

I’m currently reading Conjure Women by Afia Atakora.

My current non-fiction read is Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

If you’ve read this page before – yes I am taking my sweet time the the Kahneman book. 

My podcast is in the experimentation phase about what my listeners actually want to hear more than what I want to tell them. I really enjoy doing interviews but can take a full day or more to do. And I want to build up the podcast and do it well. I’ve been learning more around the podcasting process and what it takes. So that’s been insightful and I’ve been putting my learning into action. 

On a personal endeavour, I’m also launching a new podcast. It’s a creative project between me and a friend. A way we can explore our creativity outside of our work. It would be easy for us to make a music podcast (she is a music PR and we met when we both worked at a record label) but that wouldn’t be a break from work for her. Instead we’ve used another shared interest – a really touching niche subject and I’ll look forward to sharing the release on this page in the coming months. 

My current business goals are to get things right. Back in my 20s I worked at an independent record label. It was run by someone who I have huge amounts of respect for. I was always wanting to jump ahead onto the next thing, the next big release or interesting project. She had the job of holding me back saying, “let’s get this bit just right first and then when we move on, the next bit will work better.” 

And every time I try jump to places ahead, I think on those words. Sometimes it’s better to stop, take stock, improve and then move on. 

I’m learning this now the climbing centre is back open. Instead of jumping right into a rope climb, we practised the basic skills on the bouldering wall. I fell off from the top for the first time. It was a shock. I watched some videos, tried new techniques. Fell, climbed and fell again. So that when we reached the wall, I was still a quivering wreck with the heights but it felt more solid. 

May 2021 is getting this bit right ready for the next big project. 


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