Episode 45 – Deep-Thinking Content with Ellen Donnelly

Ellen Donnelly from The Ask joins me for a virtual brew and a chat about burnout, personal branding and what happened when her article was shared far and wide. 

Ellen Donnelly

Ellen Donnelly is the founder of The Ask and is on a mission to help more people build their dream startup careers. Ellen believes everyone deserves to find professional fulfilment, ease and clarity so they can unlock their potential and do the work they love.

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This podcast episode is in collaboration with The Happy Tea Company. Sustainable herbal tea. Grown in Worcestershire with love. 

Ellen Donnelly from the Ask joins me on this week’s podcast.

Ellen explains how she got into business coaching and started her own business at the start of lockdown. Plus, how she’s bringing her experience from other industries to help business owners get clarity now on the kinds of businesses they want to build.

We have a virtual brew and chat about:

>> How to use the opportunities given to you to guide your path into business

>> Having no safety net can be a huge driver to make a business work

>> The power of free content and how this can give you a proof of concept

>> Ellen shares why it’s important to practise your craft and why you could do this through your content

>> Why you might want to consider email marketing as a series that pulls together bigger thoughts in episodes

>> Ellen shares her approaches to blogging and creating a newsletter

>> Why using your clients as inspiration for content is crucial

>> How Ellen develops her ideas and makes connections between her content and that of others

>> Why you need to take people on the journey with you – Ellen shares that her newsletter readers are some of her best leads. Plus, other opportunities come from putting your thoughts online.

>> We talk about Ellen’s article about whether your personal brand is harming your business and the sharing this article has

>> We discuss online burnout and the dangers of putting all your energy into content creation

>> Plus, the upsides of having a personal brand of your business

>> Ellen shares some key advice on how to avoid burnout and enjoy being online more

>> Why you need to consider a business model when you start in business

>> Benefits of using Substack and why you need a solid process for your newsletters

>> Trade-offs between paywall and free content

>> Ellen shares the honest experience of what it’s like when you start your own business and how you can cover the bills while building the excitement

>> How you spend your time and money is important, especially when you want to achieve a dream

>> Ellen shares the power of community when building a business

>> Why enjoyment is key to creating content that works and resonates


Ellen shares her experience in supporting startups so that you can take away the solid advice for your own business. 

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