Blogs, SEO, and social media content are some of the biggest drivers of brand loyalty and sales for businesses. If you’re an online business, it probably is THE driver of your sales. But when so much is riding on the content – most business owners haven’t had any formal training in how to write or what good looks like.

And I don’t think I’ve met many businesses that take a good hard look at their analytics that often. (You’d be surprised at how many well-known brands don’t do this either).

What I discovered is that people like you who are busy trying to grow their business is that you like writing content. It’s a part of the marketing that you do enjoy. You’re just not sure if what you are creating is going to be doing the job of bringing in leads.

And this is why you need to be pimping your content.

You didn’t go into business with a background in writing and marketing. Or maybe you did but there are hundreds of others things pulling on your time and attention. When you’re the founder, you are the person responsible for everything.

This is why I created PIMP My Content. A year-long mentoring programme where I train you how to write brilliant copy, craft a great content plan and run it all to a strategy that’s built specifically for your business, your resources and your time.

You could carry on doing group courses (or following that free online advice) but this isn’t going to help you understand what YOU need to create for YOUR business.

Here’s what it looks like

The headline component of the programme is that you get a year of mentoring from me. I also craft your content strategy, I run an SEO audit and create an SEO strategy, plus I give you a content plan, templates, and bold a customer journey that will lead people to buy your products and services.

The first client on this programme has found that a couple of the tweaks I’ve asked her to make to her copy have increased organic sign-ups to her newsletter. We also tweaked the newsletter and started to segment the list. This has brought in sales.

Before, my client was spending on Facebook Ads with no idea if any of those leads were going to buy. Now we are targeting her ideal client with a laser focus.

Sure, there’s been some hard work involved. Right now, we’re working on some new messaging to make sure the right people see her content and know that her business exists. But her work with me is saving her time, ad spend and impacting her customers as what she sells is life-changing.

Ah but how do you know it will work for my business?

I get to know your business inside out. I ask lots of questions. Questions about why you do things a certain way or how someone would get from point a to point b.

But most importantly, I know it will work for your business because I’ve been doing this for years. My system has worked for all of my 1-1 clients where I do the content delivery. I’ve taken the time to hone what works for household brands, online coaches, podcasts, and startups and created a framework that is the foundation of the PIMP My Content programme.

And it’s worked across multiple industries. While it’s great to see website traffic double when I work with a client, I also want to know that the people visiting the site are going to become customers. That’s the magic that you sometimes miss on other courses.

Check out the framework

The whole programme is built on a framework of:

  • Purpose
  • Impact
  • Momentum and
  • Profit

All of which get you more for your money when it comes to your content marketing. Here’s each one broken down.


Sure, you’ve got a business with a purpose and you’re driven by your values. That’s why you’re reading my blog and not someone else’s because my values and aligned with yours. That purpose is great and all part of it.

Yet, the purpose I’m talking about here is asking: does this piece of content I want to make have a purpose?

When you work through the PIMP My Content Programme, I’ll be taking a deep dive into why you’re creating the content that you do and showing you a new way to do it. One where you only create the content you need and use everything else to better results.


We all want to make a positive impact on the world but you can only do that if you are reaching the right customers. You want to make an impact in their lives. So let’s do this by letting them know you exist.

It’s not about being online all of the time and everything. That stuff is so exhausting and you’ll quickly burn yourself out. In fact, you’ve probably figured this bit out already. You just need to focus on one platform only, right?

But you need to get the right platform and the right content for it to make an impact.

I pick through what’s happening now for your business and pull together a rock-solid strategy using what you enjoy doing. It might mean changing a few things up. It will definitely mean testing out some ideas. But you can do this as I’ll be there showing you how.


When we get your new strategy in place, that’s when we build the momentum for real growth. Week-by-week, we have calls where I keep you on track and stop those shiny new things from distracting you. And it means you have someone holding you to account every week so you get the work done.

I go over your copy and show you how to improve it, helping you gain those all-important copywriting skills.

There are no cut and paste options here, it’s all built for you and what you need.


Finally, I make sure that everything we do is leading to those all-important sales. Whether you’re at proof of concept stage, looking to hit a sales target or grow your business. Content shouldn’t be a total time-sponge, it should be a strategic investment of your time that you get a return for.

Chance are you’re missing out on sales right now and a few simple tips can help you catch them.

Clearing Your Content Cupboard

I clear out your content cupboard. I poke through where you’ve shoved all your lead magnets, failed launches, attempts at content plans, and that half-started newsletter right at the back. I pull them out, dust them off and make your content look shiny and clean. Like one of those perfect homes with the spice jars all clearly labelled and in alphabetical order.

You’ll have a calm mind, won’t feel overwhelmed by it all and will come away knowing that your content is working for you rather than the other way around.

But I hate social media!

That’s okay. I work with businesses who love Instagram and I work with businesses who prefer to not use social media at all. The strategy I create is done with you so that you never have to do anything you hate.

Ready to check it out?

Here’s the page with all the details like the price and booking in a call with me to check it’s totally right for you.