Episode 54 – Why isn’t my sales page converting? 

Cara Melzack

Welcome to the Brew Time Podcast. I’m Fiona, your vegan marketing mentor. I’m here to walk you through all the content marketing choices you have so that you can grow your vegan and ethical business.

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This podcast episode is in collaboration with The Happy Tea Company. Sustainable herbal tea. Grown in Worcestershire with love.

Sales pages that convert


There are a few places where you can be losing sales from potential customers but I want to talk about sales pages.

If someone is landing on your sales page, they’ve already done the hard work and they want to buy. What they are doing on your sales page is looking for reasons not to buy.

Let’s make sure you’re not giving them a reason to not buy when they hit your sales page.


Let’s face it they are looking at your sales page to see how much you charge. Now there are arguments for and against pricing on sales pages, especially if you’re a service-based business but I’m all for it. And here are my compelling reasons why you need to put your prices on your sales page.

  • It’s transparent
  • It lets them budget 
  • You can use it to filter out the right people.

But most importantly, it’s the reason why they are on your sales page in the first place so give your audience what they want.

Too high a price? 

Now, let’s address the pricing issue of ‘it’s too expensive’. What your future customer is really saying here is: “I don’t see the value for me”. And that’s a big sales page problem. Your page should be working hard to convey the value.

Alright, let’s say someone has come to your sales page, scrolled through all your lovely copy straight to the price and taken a sweet moment. What is your page doing at that point to either: a. convey the value or b. handle their objections?

You need to be sandwiching your price between these two things.


Your sales page might be spot on but the product simply isn’t for them. They might be your ideal audience but you didn’t do that initial market research and your product is missing the mark slightly. It’s not hitting that problem or need they have. You might need to tweak the product for your audience.

This is especially true of service-based businesses but let’s say you sell products.

Have you packaged up your offer in the right way? For example, you might be trying to get repeat sales but your subscription offer doesn’t compel them enough to see the need.

Maybe you sell tea bags under this subscription model with a different snack each month. Only, your customer is concerned about their health. You didn’t ask so you don’t know. Maybe with their brew, they want something like a magazine or a book, or a newspaper?

You need to do the market research first so that you know what you’re selling is right for your audience. 


The opposite of this is that you’re attracting the wrong audience. Your messaging and copy aren’t working because the people who are hitting your sales page are not the customers you want.

I used to run a craft business and I had some lovely customers. But I also had some that I would rather never sell to again. Rude, abrupt, and sometimes threatening.

It’s the same in my content marketing business. I actually love all my clients. But when I started out, I was attracting clients with different values. My messaging was all wrong. A lot of this comes with time and confidence but it’s absolutely down to what you put out there.

Check-in on yourself if this is you.


If the words on your page are not compelling enough, they will not sell your product or service. I cannot stress this enough.

You need to make sure your words will sell.

You can do this by hiring a copywriter to do it for you. That’s the skill and training they have. Or if you want to DIY it, you can talk to your potential customers – here’s that market research again – and put their words on your sales page.

I did this for my PIMP My Content programme and when I tested various versions, I got nearer to my ideal customer’s voice. And I sold all but one place on the first launch. I put in the hard work before I even started on the sales page. 

There is something missing

When I was building my sales page, I was working with the wonderful coach Janine Coombes on her Sizzling Hot Offer course. I pushed back on adding an FAQS section.

If you look at my sales page, you will see that Janine won that argument and it’s in there.

But you might have other sections missing like testimonials or what you’re selling. 

The way to get over this is to test it. Test it on your ideal customer and re-write it.

Your other content might be off the mark, like videos and animations. These help potential customers get to know you. Videos are becoming less of a nice to have and more of a necessity.

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