Brew Time Podcast Ep16 - Tone of Voice with Nick Parker

Episode 16 – Tone of Voice with Nick Parker

This week I’m chatting to Tone of Voice expert Nick Parker about how he got into Tone of Voice training, what his Voicebox product is and some of the good and bad examples of tone of voice on the market.

Nick also talks to me about what it takes to create a weekly newsletter that people actually want to open (and even pay money for).


Nick Parker

Nick Parker is the brains behind That Explains Things. Creative director, magazine editor, keynote speaker, one-time Viz cartoonist, bad trumpet player and author of the celebrated The Exploding Boy & other tiny tales.

Show notes

In this week’s episode, we discuss how Nick went from publishing to tone of voice through the medium of horse whispering.

In this podcast we discuss:

>> What is tone of voice and why businesses need it.

>> Whether tone of voice should cover audio as well as written content.

>> The benefits that tone of voice will bring to your brand and create loyal customers.

>> Nick shares some of the good tone of voice examples that brands are doing right now.

>> Find out what The Voice Box and is how it can help you develop a brand tone of voice.

>> Discover the core brand voices and why they matter when developing a brand voice.

>> Where people go wrong with their brand voice – and which core voice is the most popular with brands.

>> The core voice that no one really wants (and why they shouldn’t write this off).

>> A chat about disruptive toothbrushes.

As well as…

>> What you need to do to create a newsletter that people want to sign up to, open and read.

>> The format that Nick uses to structure his newsletter and how he uses this to find the voice of his newsletter.

>> How you need to treat your newsletter if you want people to pay to receive it.

>> Why not following advice can be a good thing.

>> What you need to do for an interactive and engaged audience.



Find out what Nick’s pig on a skateboard is and what it does well.

How Nick’s broken leg (and his sharing this in his newsletter) has led to writing a book.

Plus, we chat about Nick’s book on reading and he gives his interesting answer to the Big Brew Question.



We’ve got to speak about the elephant on the pig on the skateboard in the room