how to use video to magnify your seo

This is a guest post by Amber Hayes from Logo Creator

This year has seen a supreme rise in small businesses using videos to promote their business. Combining these with SEO can help entrepreneurs and small business owners to expand their outreach and gain more repeat custom. Here is our guide on using great promotional videos to magnify the SEO in your small business.

Tell a story

People want a video to tell them a story. Be creative and take viewers of your promotional video on a journey. Your video can be about anything as long as it captivates attention and draws customers in to want to view the whole video. From promoting services to products, stories in videos help to sell. Appeal to your viewer’s senses and thoughts, consider who your target audience is and precisely what they would be interested in.

Think about the message you want to send out from the story and write it down. It is all about calling out to a specific demographic of people. Do you want to let people know of your strong ethics within your business? Or perhaps your personal story of how you got where you are today? Perhaps you feel you want to be more commercial and go for a heart-warming or funny storyline for your promotional video. Consider what message works with the product or service you are advertising and bind the two together.

Brand the video

Use the voice of your business and your branding within the video to reach out to your target audience and tell them exactly who you are. Have your logo as a watermark on the video and even on some promotional items within the video content. This will bring professionalism to your video and let prospective customers know that you are a company to be trusted. If you don’t yet have a logo, you can create one here for free.

Make videos that work on all platforms

Besides making the video mobile-friendly, consider how it will work on your website and your socials. If need be, you can often download several types of the same video. You want it to work when customers flip their phones and load quickly when your target audience views the video on your website.

Add music

Remember to add music to your promotional videos. Most good video maker sites will have this as an option along with templates that you can use too. Using music will attract customers and if they like the song they are more likely to re-watch your video or share it with a friend. It is all about making your video as attractive as possible.


Ensure that your basic SEO strategy does not get lost in the video. Write a catchy title for your video with significant keywords. Write a description that is well written and interesting for the reader with tags and keywords within it. You can also add your website URL to the description to drive traffic to your website. Remember to keep your video as searchable as possible so that it reaches the maximum number of people.

Call to action

Always make sure you have a call to action in your video. It often helps if it is at the end, write a call to action that pushes people to make a move and follow the promotion. Make it easy for them to do so by providing a link to what you what them to do in the description and in the comments if posting on social media. 

Using this strategy you can have great promotional videos that captivate your audience and boost sales. Remember that SEO is a huge part of online business and make sure you use it in your promotional videos and day-to-day in your online business.

Thank you to Amber Hayes for this guest post.

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