Brew Time Episode 14

Episode 14 – with Lynden Campbell

This week I’m chatting to Lynden Campbell, Head of Synchronisation at Domino Records about ethical tagging.

Lynden shares how brands can create better briefs and therefore get better music pairings for their content. 


Lynden Campbell

Lynden began her career at EMI Records licensing music from across the EMI, Virgin and Mute roster including artists like Kate Bush, Blondie, Queen, Nick Cave and the Beach Boys. Time at the major culminated in being involved in various international proactive campaigns such as Kahlua, Adidas, Ford Focus, Vodafone and Audi R8 as well as and films such as Children of Men. In 2009, Lynden joined the Domino Recording and Publishing companies to establish a brand new, proactive synchronisation service outside the USA. With much loved artists such as Jon Hopkins, The Kills and Kate Tempest under her remit, successes include campaigns for Santander, Bacardi, Honda, Fendi, Renault and Nissan. Lynden continues to wholeheartedly embrace the challenge of persuading media partners to value independent music whilst being able to maintain artist integrity.


Music will keep people on the advert or it will put people off.

Show notes

In this week’s episode, we cover huge subjects like bias, language, and how ethical tagging in the music industry can increase our experience of music. Plus why we should be applying this across the internet in whatever industry you’re in.
If you’re a brand, then this episode is extra useful as Lynden explains what a brief needs to get the best possible music match for your content.

In this podcast we discuss:

>> What ‘ethical tagging’ is and why language is paramount for brands who are providing the brief for music on their content.

>> The bias that exists in music and the ethics of a ‘positivity bias’ and how this limits our cultural exposure.

>> Why the words we use matter when it comes to search within music and how we can apply this for relevant and appropriate searches across the whole of content.

>> Creating awareness of a content echo chamber – losing the beauty of finding something new.

>> Being aware of our filters and unconscious bias. As well as the algorithms that expose us to our cultural markers.

>> A positive dialogue that exists from developers (and others within the content world) to try change how we search.

>> Dr Julia Jones – The Music Diet – and how research is based around the musical tastes of those running the studies. And why we need to consider the world of music, other voices and counter-cultures.

>> The limitations of apps like Spotify for exposing us to music (and why we need to consider this for all content).

>> The problem of what is considered ‘recognisable’.

>> It’s not enough to whinge about the problem, you need to deliver a solution to address the problem.

>> How Lynden has been bringing ethical tagging to people’s awareness to make a change.

>> Why using cultural reference points can help you talk to your audience and reach into certain communities.

>> Questioning the language and values we’ve been using for years.

>> What brands and content creators can do better when providing their briefs (and the tools they can use to do this).

>> The issues of broad briefs and the biases around the audiences brands are targeting.

>> How music can drive traffic to the website and ultimately result in sales.

>> Why brands need to understand what is it that the music will achieve for them rather than fully embodying the brand values.

>> And the need for the context when it comes to matching the right music for the content.

>> The importance of case studies to prove the offering and importance of music as if it is another cast member.

>> Why you need to trust the creatives to know what will resonate with people.

>> Why people believe you if you have a website and how that builds trust.

>> The problem of using limited search terms and why we wouldn’t do this across content platforms.


Lynden shares the secret of whether Phil Collins was in the gorilla suit in THAT Cadbury’s ad.

How music can sell more cars than the offer of free petrol.

Lynden also shares some of the best adverts that she’s worked on.

Then there’s a bonus chat about AI and music. And Lynden shares a heartwarming story about the power of music within a care home.

And hear Lynden’s answer to the Big Brew Question.

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