Does writing a blog really make a difference to your business? I can hand on heart say it does for a few reasons. And here’s why.

1. You show that you know

I’m training someone to become a content writer at the moment. One of the first things I told them to do was go and build and break their own website. Figure out how it all works, what they like and don’t like doing.

This is so important if you want to understand how to manipulate the words on the page so that it looks good for the reader.

It’s also good business sense. If you want to experiment with a plug-in or what a new app can do, then test with your own stuff first.

‘But what has this got to do with writing blogs?’, I hear you say.

If you want to show what you’re capable of and what you can do, the best place to do that is in your own space.

Every time I see a post on Facebook (or any other social media platform) from a new writer (or insert other creative industry here) saying they ‘want to build their portfolio and case studies so they will work for free,’ I want to shake them and say: “no! Don’t do it. That’s not the best way to build a portfolio of work.”

A better way is to do the work on your own site. Then someone will trust that you can do it for theirs and PAY YOU to do it. Your work is valued and, more importantly, you value your skills. And that’s so important when you’re running a business. Whatever business you run.

2. Your audience gets to know you

Writing a blog should be like having a conversation with your dream customer. In fact, if you are going to write a blog and don’t know where to start, this is a good thing to do.

Have the conversation in your head with your ideal customer.

‘Cos at some point, your ideal customer is going to read your blog and wouldn’t it be nice for them to think you’re talking directly to them? And that they feel like they know you as a result? So when they do finally get on the phone, it’s not a cold call. It’s warm and familiar.

There are people whose blogs I read that I feel so familiar with that I can sometimes forget they’re not actually in my social circle. Only me who does that?

But I’m more likely to buy their stuff if I feel an emotional connection to them. Even if it is through a screen and I’m unlikely to ever meet them in person.

3. You’ve got something to stick on social media

Really you shouldn’t ever be short of things to put on social media but sometimes it’s nice to have a few fillers. If you’ve got a blog then that can be cut up and used for social media posts. Great when you’re short on time (or homeschooling a few kids in lockdown).

4. It brings traffic to your website

Yes, writing a blog is good for your SEO. Regular blogs keep your website fresh and if you write about a few themes then you become known for that. The search engines clock that your website is talking about this stuff and so they push more traffic your way.

It’s a bit of a virtuous circle when it gets going.

“Oh but if everyone is doing that and there’s too much competition then it makes it too hard”

I hear what you’re saying. But here’s a secret – not everyone is doing it. And most people who give it a try aren’t doing it consistently. Or with quality.

Sure, you’ve got to have a bit of a strategy if you’re aiming to rank for a particular search term or two but if you’re starting out and just want to get a few people to see your website, writing a blog is the best thing you can do.

I’ve seen websites triple in traffic volume from introducing a blog. And you can pinpoint the peaks in organic search traffic to the publications of those blogs.

Nothing is quite as satisfying as seeing the analytics of your site increase around the hard work you’ve produced.

5. When done well, it really makes a difference

Okay to get your blog working hard for your business you really have to do it well. That means well-written content, that people want to read. You need to add things like video and audio to it. You need to treat it as an article in a magazine.

Reference research (or conduct your own), quote sources, have different voices and perspectives. Talk about what people want to read but also talk about the things that no one is covering. What do you know that gives you an edge on your competitors? How is your thinking about your area of work different?

Figure this stuff out and bring something new to the table and you’ll find your blog has really made a difference to your business and how you do content.

Fancy reading another blog?