Wouldn’t it be nice to have a blog that goes out on time each week? Or a newsletter that’s consistent? If you want to create content for your vegan business when you’re short on time there are a few tricks to help.

Creating content for your vegan business doesn’t need to be a drag or suck up all your time. Sure, it can seem like an overwhelming mountain of typing and Canva fiddling but content marketing is what sets businesses apart when it comes to visibility.

Part of the problem is creating content without having a set goal or outcome. Or trying to do too much. But a lot of the time, we put our own businesses last. We work on what we need to deliver for our customers and forget to build marketing time into our day. Only, if you don’t market your business, you can’t grow your business.

So let’s start creating some time so we can crack on with content and proper business growth.

1. Get yourself organised

To get things out on a regular basis you need to be organised. Every week I put out The Thursday Brew. I plan my ideas months in advance. Once a month, I sit in a cafe with a coffee and pastry then brainstorm all the things I want to learn about and discover when it comes to writing and creativity.

I think about the podcasts I’ve come across, the articles I’ve read or the latest book I’m reading. Then I wonder how to apply it all to content.

On Tuesday I sit and write a draft. On Wednesday, I edit that draft. I chase up a quote and create the artwork. Then I schedule it to go out on a Thursday.

It wasn’t always this way. My newsletter used to go something like this:

  • Get to Thursday
  • Whack up something from my latest podcast episode
  • Or forget to do it
  • Then wonder why no one read my email

What really helps is using an app called ClickUp. I can now create task templates that break everything down into smaller tasking. This means I’m slightly more realistic about what I can achieve in a day. Then I set my due dates and work backwards from when I want to get something out there.

Changing the format of my newsletter also helped. It has become a creative space where I can investigate and learn about a subject beyond my own experience. It motivates me far more than saying “I must get this out this week”.

So it’s partly organisation and part motivation.

Having a strategy and plan in place is also a huge help. Break your year down into quarters, months and weeks. Know your regular tasks and set in days to do them. Your bigger projects can then be done in the cracks and gaps that you create in your schedule.

2. Create the time

Time is pretty magic. It can bend and twist to your will if you know how to do it. Like you’ll always find time to take that call off your best mate. Or if you have a TV show to binge on – three magic hours appear at the end of the day.

So while time is magic, there isn’t going to be any more of it. Sitting and saying you’ll do this landing page when you get a free afternoon means you’ll never get it done. You need to make a date with yourself and do it.

If you’re struggling to find time to create content in your vegan business then you need to create the time. You can do this by setting yourself meetings or blocking out a day a week. Or you can look at when you have the most energy.

While I’m a night owl, I have the most creative energy in the morning so I’ll make my first job to be something for my business. Even if it only takes 15 minutes. Then that’s one thing off my list and the rest of the day belongs to my clients.

Like some time-magic, I get more done in the morning and aren’t trying to get work on my own business done late at night – a time best used for more mindless tasks.

3. Create a habit

Getting into the habit of writing content will help you on the weeks when you’re short on time. It’ll also make your copy more consistent and increase the chances of your doing the work at the same time each week.

The best way to create a habit is to tag it onto something else. If you run on a particular day, then tell yourself that following your run you are going to write the blog post for that week.

Before you know it, you’ll be in a routine and creating content will be a habit.

The problem I see vegan businesses make is that they start with brilliant intentions. They create a wonderful content plan and they do it. Only a month later, all the day jobs are soaking up their time and it slides down the to-do list.

The content goes back into that tail-chasing and even though you kept it up for a month, it didn’t go much beyond that. Research by Phillippa Lally tells us that it takes 66 days on average for a habit to form but can take up to 258 days.

That’s almost a year in some cases. It’s the research I’ve used to inform my mentoring programme that helps vegan businesses create content that grows their business and that they can sustain.

4. Hit the refresh button

One of the best ways to create content for your vegan business when you’re short on time is to use content that you’ve already got. Bonus points if that content is already performing well and bringing in lots of lovely clients.

Giving your website content a bit of a refresh is a good place to start this. You’ll be helping your SEO efforts and improving your content all at the same time. There is always space to do better on blogs and web pages.

At the start of the year, I went through some of my old posts and gave them a good edit. Some I would re-write and others just needed a bit of love. Then I republished and re-promoted them. It creates better blogs and became more relevant for you guys, my readers.

And you probably didn’t notice that it was old blogs given a makeover. Plus, it saves so much time as I don’t have to do all that initial research and drafting. That part is already done.

You don’t need to stop at your website content either. Social media content can and should be reposted. Posts don’t live for long on any platform and the chances of someone: a. Seeing it twice; b. Noticing and; c. Caring enough to be offended is pretty low.

Besides, if someone was upset you repost rather than write something from scratch, do you really want them as a customer?

5. Get someone else to do it

There are times when getting someone else to do it is not the right answer. If you sell content creating services then you should absolutely create your own.

The rest of the time, skilled contractors can create content for you that looks like you did it yourself. Some of my favourite posts are ones that friends and family send to me not knowing I’ve written them. That means I’ve done my job.

So how do you know when it’s time to get someone to do it for you? Most vegan businesses start out doing most of it themselves because this is cost-effective but you need to track how long you’re spending on these activities to understand the real cost to your business.

Hiring a contractor to help you out can save you time (and they’re likely to do it faster with better results). It can also bring more sales into your business.

Figure out how much time you currently spend on creating content. Then how often you would like that content to be published, not how often you manage to publish it right now. Next work out your hourly rate. This should give you an idea of how much value for money you get by hiring a copywriter to do it for you.

6. Don’t do it all

I like to think that most vegan businesses are past the point of trying to be on every single social media platform and doing every other kind of content marketing.

But it can still be easy to get caught up in the shiny new thing. To get distracted by the platform that everyone absolutely has to be on else they are missing sales (hint – this is not true).

Remember a year ago when all the influencers were on Clubhouse? That was the next big thing, by invite only. Of course, everyone wants to be the early adopter (that’s marketing-speak for someone who gets in before it’s popular) but sometimes these things are just distractions from what’s actually going to get you to your goal.

Instead, do what converts for your business. This means understanding where your current customers are coming from and concentrating on making that a far better experience for them.

Be strategic

You’ll be making far better content and therefore more sales through being strategic about your content and measuring it up against your time. You know, so you don’t get burnout and end up putting out nothing.

Sometimes the best content we can make is when we accept what we don’t have time to do. Imagine picking only the content that will work for your business. Creating that and making it really shine.

That’s what I help businesses do. So they don’t get overwhelmed or lose sleep at night with how much they need to do. And so that they do see an increase in website traffic, newsletter signs ups and sales.

Book in a brew (the virtual kind unless you live in Worcester) with me here.

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