Episode 39 – How to create a newsletter that people look forward to getting

In this podcast, I look at the elements that create a good newsletter and what you need to do to get people looking forward to getting your email each week.

Amy Nolan Doodle

I’m the lovely Yorkshire voice behind the Brew Time podcast. I’m a content writer and consultant for vegan and ethical businesses. And I’ve been doing this work for a fair few years now so I thought I’d share some quick tips and stories from along the way.

We get 121 emails on average every single day. So how do you get someone to open your marketing email and not delete it?

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I go over the different kinds of newsletters you might want to create and why each of these works. And why you may want to consider charging for people to get your newsletter.

Plus, I share why I no longer ask for you to sign up to my newsletter so get my Actually Useful Podcast Show Notes, which are worksheets that go with each podcast episode.

I also look at why you need to think about your newsletter as a magazine. Then I give you a quick exercise to do to help you understand what really makes a good newsletter.

I share the four different kinds of newsletters that you can make. As well as the one you might want to avoid as it’s so difficult to get right.

I go over the importance of creating a community around your newsletter. And the idea that I pinched from another newsletter which I reckon everyone should do.

Plus, I explain why you should feel proud for getting even one person signed up to your mailing list. And why building a list is far harder than ‘the experts’ will tell you. But that there are ways to encourage the right kinds of people to sign up.

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