Episode 32 – Scroll-stopping content with Amy Nolan

Professional doodler, illustrator and visual storyteller Amy Nolan joins me on this week’s episode to discuss all things hand-drawn and the pull of scroll-stopping content.

Amy Nolan Doodle

Amy has always created stories and doodled about her world and she’s unable to walk past a piece of blank paper without leaving her mark on it – one way or another.

Amy knows art makes the world a better place. Over the last 5 years, she’s created work and products that reflect this.

From creating colouring in pillowcases for military children to send to their parents overseas, to doodle apothecary cards. And more recently business illustration services.

Show notes


This week I chat with illustrator and visual storyteller, Amy Nolan about why we should all be creating our own visuals at least some of the time to have scroll-stopping content.

Join our conversation where we chat about:

>> How Amy got into doodling and creating content from these pictures.

>> And how her creative release which was not to do with work brought her to new lines of work.

>> Using doodles to feel comfortable on social media and represent yourself rather than trying to do what everyone else is doing.

>> Ways in which images can be used as a means of communication beyond Instagram and cartoons

>> How you can practise your craft while training and use what you create as content

>> The curse of perfectionism when it comes to creating art and the dangers of self-editing

>> How Amy has brought more of her personality into her work and why this matters

>> Why professional doodling looks easier than it is to do professionally but why it is so accessible

>> Why content creators and business owners need to start creating their own visuals and how they can approach this

>> The power behind hand-drawn work and showing your imperfections


Amy also talks about her current project to create doodle stock imagery. And how this will help add personality to your business.
Plus, how you can stand out by being more thoughtful about the artwork you use alongside your content.

Why daily drawing can help you develop your skills and make you considerate of how you can apply this to your business.

Why content repurposing took the stress out of content creating for Amy and resulted in better work.

The emotional and energy ties you have to your work and why constant creating can be draining.

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