Content writing and management

Keeping your website fresh for those SEO spiders, solving your customers’ problems with a sharp blog that cuts straight to what they need, sending out newsletters that people actually want to open.

It’s exhausting too. You have much more important things to be doing in your business than writing weekly newsletters and blogs.

Or perhaps your web designer has asked you for content so they can finish your site and you just don’t know where to start.


We work with independent businesses to create website copy, newsletters, and blogs. Our services also include content management, repurposing, and editing. 

Membership sites are our specialist area. We understand that websites can easily become unruly and difficult to manage. Our years of experience saves you time.  

Take a look at our services page to see how we can help. 

Brew Time Podcast

Check out the latest episodes of the Brew Time podcast. Perfect brew-drinking length episodes of content advice and longer guest interviews with business owners doing content differently

Episode 13 – Considerate quality content

Episode 13 – Considerate quality content

Episode 13Fed up of constantly creating content for only a handful of people to see it? And wondering what's the point of it? All because you've been told that the 'right' way to do it is to blog every single week.  Let me show you why you need to prioritise quality...

Content as individual as your business

You are far too busy running your business that you don’t have time to commit to creating regular content, keeping it refreshed, producing a weekly newsletter or writing all those social media posts.

These things are important but there is so much to do and you’re a bit lost on the back of WordPress, too. You realise that a scatter-gun approach is not the best use of your time and doesn’t get you the results you need.

This is where Indie Essentials can help:



Creating blog content on a regular basis which is optimised for SEO and to attract your ideal client


Image sourcing

For your website and social media, uploaded and optimised for SEO


Content Marketing and SEO strategies

To attract and convert your audience. All based on data.


Newsletter Management

We like Active Campaign and we work with Drip, MailChimp, and InfusionSoft. 


Have a look at the latest blogs for help and support with your own content. 

Why content isn’t just copy

Why content isn’t just copy

I write a lot about content on this blog and assume that for you, content means copy. But that’s doing a disservice for the many different types of content out there that a business can make use of in their communications. Plus, you might find that written content...

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How to become a content manager

How to become a content manager

If you want to become a content manager, you’ll probably need to know where being a content writer stops and being a content manager starts. I’ve got a blog that goes into this in detail right here, but if you want to short cut that, a content writer will do the...

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How to become a content writer

How to become a content writer

Content writing sounds like one of those jobs that you can do from a beach in Bali or your insta-perfect shed. Tippy-tapping out blogs and website copy all day AND getting paid for it? What’s not to love? If you’re wondering how to become a content writer, then read...

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