Content Clinic

Fed up of paying for your website and not seeing any sales or traffic from it? Confused by SEO and analytics? Or spending far too much of your time on social media and not getting a return on investment?

If you want to make a change in your business then you need to change how you do content.

The Content Clinic will take you through what you need to take clear actions on your content and attract the right audience to your brand.


Stop guessing what’s going to work and start strategic testing
Understand how to apply a data-driven approach that applies to your specific business
Get the answers to why it’s simply not working right now.

You can carry on as you are – asking for generic advice and feeling overwhelmed by the options. Or you can get an expert plan to put into place and make a change in your business.

paper, pen and coffee cup on table for content clinic

How it works

Book a time slot that suits you

The call itself will last for an hour but there’s a bit of pre-work and post-work to do so make sure you have the time to do this before the call. 

Complete the pre-clinic questionnaire about you and your business

The more information you give me about you, your business and goals, the better. I can then go research who you are and what you do. 

I do some research

I’ll look at what’s going on right now and where there are opportunities that you’re missing.

We get together for an hour on Zoom

You’ll leave with a crystal clear plan on what you need to do. If you live near Worcester, then there are options to meet in person. 

I'll follow up with you

And see how you’re getting on with a quick email check-in. 

Success Stories

The Copy Club got in touch to see if I could help them make more of their communications and content to reach their members for a specific service. Lily describes the session as ‘mind-blowing” and went away with a list of things to put in place.

Plus, she realised that a lot of what she needed was already at her disposal and not being used. This means The Copy Club do not need any extra resources or spending to put the plan into action.


Case Study

A national UK magazine publisher asked me how they could increase their social media following and ultimately increase subscription sales for one of their titles.

I came up with a plan that they could implement within their current team. I also recommend how they could join up the messaging between their social channels and email marketing to improve the buyer journey.

This resulted in better use of their team’s time and a more focused approach to their marketing efforts.



I’m Fiona. I’m a Content Consultant and writer for B Corps, vegan brands and ethical businesses. I have over 12 years of experience with content marketing and am the founder of Indie Essentials.

My approach to content is individual. I believe in doing content differently. Communication is crucial to all businesses and I’m passionate about helping brands get this right.


There is a one-off payment of £200 for the Content Clinic.

In return, you benefit from my years of experience advising businesses and brands with their content. And you’ll go away with actions that are tailored for your business, goals and audience. Not some generic advice.

Book using the button below. You’ll then be able to book in a time that suits you.