Episode 40 – Positive content with Lucy Orton

Self-sabotage and positive psychology coach, Lucy Orton joins me in conversation about creating the kinds of content that bring you joy and dealing with what’s holding you back. 

Lucy Orton

Lucy Orton is a certified positive psychology coach, podcaster and expert on self-sabotage. Her popular weekly podcast ‘Self-Sabotage To Success’ is in the top 3% of podcasts globally and has reached no.7 in the UK Apple Entrepreneurship charts.

Show notes


Lucy explains what is a self-sabotage coach and how they help business owners. Plus, her journey to becoming a certified coach through her career and how that plays into the work she does. Why Lucy wants to work with a strong sense of purpose and drive to help them be better about themselves and create a better outcome for them.

Join us where Lucy chats about:

>> Why it’s important to have research to back up the work you do and the content you create

>> How the language women use can impact their successes

>> How we can change our internal monologue to create better outcomes in our lives and business.

>> Ways in which your sense of identity can impact your learning experiences

>> Why it’s important to see the positives in every situation

>> Lucy shares why she started a podcast and how it supports the marketing strategy in her business

>> Not letting the idea of there being too much out there from holding you back

>> Understand what suits you better when it comes to content and do that rather than what you think you should be doing

>> Focus on what feels at ease and without effort

>> Finding topics, themes and angles when you feel like you won’t have enough to say

>> Why you need to celebrate the small achievements in your content and what you should do if you find this challenging

>> The importance of creating a bank of self-esteem and recognising your own awesome.

>> Why it helps to be pragmatic about content

>> Batching or not – we get Lucy’s insights into this and what works for her

>> Making allowances for adjusting your content plan when you need to

>> We chat about toxic positivity and the danger that can pose when you’re creating content

>> Balancing positivity and presenting a polished view of your world – and how to avoid building a belief around yourself

>> Importance of switching off

>> Lucy shares her inspiration for her podcast episodes and how she gets her content ideas

>> Why it’s okay to repeat content – even podcast episodes

>> Lucy’s ingenious way of supporting her clients with her podcast and her plans for a second podcast

>> Why Lucy doesn’t blog and why this is a good thing

>> How to make your content feel like it’s not work

>> Giving yourself permission to say no


Lucy also shares her favourite platform for creating content and where you can find her. Plus where you can better focus your energies instead of using social media platforms that do not fill you with joy.

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