Brew Time Podcast Episode 8

Episode 8 – with Kristel Valaydon

PR and comms expert, Kristel Valaydon, joins the Brew Time podcast this week to talk about creating a community of rebels and misfits. 

Kristel Valaydon

Kristel Valaydon is a PR and Comms expert and founder of KV Comms. Self-professed PR and marketing geek, Kristel has over 20 years experience in the business and a decade of running her own show.  


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Show notes

In episode 8 of the Brew Time podcast, I talk to brutally honest PR Kristel Valaydon about how she does content differently. And why she gets strategic about her content to focus on the right customers for both her business and her clients.

In this podcast we discuss:

>> The importance of building a community and making that the basis of content and PR.

>> When you need PR and when you shouldn’t do PR.

>> What Kristel has learned from 10 years of running a business. Including working with rebels and misfits.

>> Taking a strategic approach to online comms.

>> The key things you need to know before you hire a PR or comms expert.

>> Why the formulaic approach to marketing isn’t going to work for you. And what you need to do instead.

>> Why digital PR is an integral part of the PR package

>> And why you need to get your internal PR right first before you work on the media relations.

>> Transitioning onto a plant-based diet and how the way you live your life can impact your reputation.

Plus we dive into why Kristel started her Small Business Chat on Facebook Live – Weekly Live with co-host Karen Black. Using lockdown as a trigger for taking a chat with your business bestie online and helping others with that.

And we go full circle to bring the conversation back around to the importance of creating a community.


Discover Kristel’s  big tip for creating consistent content

And find out her answer to the Big Brew Question.

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