Episode 2 with Jo Milmine

Episode 2 – with Jo Milmine

Chatting to an award-winning podcast host. At least someone is professional on this episode.

Jo Milmine

Jo Milmine is an award-winning podcaster with her own podcast, Shiny Bees. It’s far more professional than mine so you should definitely check it out.


If they want chips, peas and gravy, give them chips, peas and gravy.

Show notes

This show comes with a warning… it’s on maximum Northerness as Jo is originally from Wigan.

We cross the Pennine divide to discuss:

  • Doing business without a proper website

  • How using a previous career can help with your content

  • Why your hobby can help attract the right customers

  • Being yourself and not trying to do what your competition is doing

  • How you can use a podcast to market your business

  • Why not doing as you’re told can work for your business.

  • Marketing with less content is a strategy that can work.

  • Knowing how to do a marketing approach doesn’t always translate into it being right for you.

  • Building an audience that is engaged and committed to what you sell.

  • Giving people what they need is more important than giving them what you want.

  • And why not following the rules and even breaking them can make for great content that converts.

How Jo puts her values and ideals at the heart of her business and as a result, there’s a lot of good flowing from the work she does with small businesses.

And we have a debate on the Great British Brew. Find out which side Jo stands on when it comes to putting milk in before or after the teabag.

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