Episode 38 – Personal Brand and Positioning with Janine Coombes

This week I’m joined in conversation by marketing coach and flipping all-round brilliant person, Janine Coombes. We chat all about branding, personal brands, positioning your products, the all-important pricing issues and how micro-businesses can create offers that their audience want to buy.

Janine Coombes

Janine is a marketing coach and personal brand strategist.

She has a degree in marketing, a post-graduate diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and over fifteen years of high-level experience working for big brands such as EE, Orange and Europcar.

She knows how marketing works.

Janine is one of the most genuine and smartest people I know and it’s an absolute pleasure to be in her presence. 

Show notes


So if that’s not enough to tempt you to spend an hour of your life listening to Janine’s superb insights, here are some more reasons why you’ll want to hear this episode. 

Join our conversation where we chat about:

>> Finding your own brand voice and how long this has taken Janine to get her distinctive voice.

>> Why you need to create a coherent brand for your business – even if it’s just you.

>> How Janine developed her distinctive images and why these tie in with her brand identity.

>> How to have an expressive brand online without being loud

>> Janine shares her process of adapting her business to changes and how she’s developed her new group programme.

>> Janine’s 3P’s of Promise, Package and Price to create a compelling offer.

>> The dangers of the power hour and how to overcome this

>> Why changing from a day rate or hourly rate needs a shift in business model.

>> Why getting a tighter positioning will help everything click into place with your business.

>> What Janine means by “better marketing for much less effort,“ and why this applies beyond marketing.

>> The all-important question you need to ask yourself when it comes to creating your packages.

>> Why you should do what you want when it comes to your business.

>> Putting your red flags into your content to deter people who you don’t want to work with – and do the same with your green flags.

>> The kinds of decisions you want to make around words when it comes to your brand voice. And how this can help you attract the right audience.

>> Janine’s approach to content and her passion for blogging.

>> How Janine ranked no. 1 on Google for her target search term and what result this brought to her business.


We discuss what is better – personal brand or business name. And when you might want to use one over the other.

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