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Episode 6 – with Victoria Tretis

An honest conversation with coach and mentor, Victoria Tretis about podcasts, social media, and keeping up the energy of content creation. 

Victoria Tretis

Victoria Tretis is a coach and mentor for ambitious VAs who want to build their own empire and add value for their clients. 


I’m really freaking stubborn and that often works in my favour. 

Show notes

Victoria Tretis is a coach and mentor to ambitious virtual assistants. And she’s also a podcast host and bad-ass content creator. 

In this episode we chat about: 

>> Learning to run a business and how to adapt it as you go

>> Changing your content to attract a different kind of audience

>> Making a commitment to your content and therefore your audience

>> How to create consistent content and keep up the energy. 

>> Why sharing your personal life can work and how to get the balance right. 

>> How Victoria went from feeling vulnerable about putting her name out there to having the confidence to be herself. 

>> Using your menstrual cycles to plan your work and be your most productive

>> And how giving something back can start with saying no. 

Plus, Victoria tells us her one big tip for anyone wanting to do content differently and answers the Big Brew Question. 

Listen now to find out how to bring unfiltered honesty into your content and do it on a regular basis. 

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I can’t tell other people to be consistent in their marketing if I’m not walking that talk myself.