Episode 2 with Jo Milmine

Episode 4 – with Ellie Busby

Ellie Busby from vegan tech startup, Vojo, joins me to chat about language, behavioural change and playing the content long game.

Jo Milmine

Ellie is a scientist, runner, baker, registered nutritionist and genetics geek at Vojo. She is occasionally controversial and has got her content game on point.

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I like creating interesting content for people and I feel the best way I can do that is through blogs.

Show notes

In this episode Ellie talks about the genesis of her app, Vojo, which is designed to help people transition in the most healthy way to a plant-based diet. And why personalised nutrition is the way forward for a healthier life.

Ellie talks about living in Germany during lockdown and how having an online business can give you that freedom. Along with living in an East German house project. And the synergy of perfect vegan pizza.

Also in this episode, we discuss:

  • Why she uses SEO and Facebook over other content marketing options. And why it’s important to do what you enjoy.

  • The power of a community on social media to sell a tech startup.

  • Plus why being part of a community online can help you make a sustainable change.

  • The mindset difference between diet and lifestyle

  • How behavioural change can nudge people to make a lifestyle change.

  • Why leaving the world in a better place than how you found it is the best thing you can do within your business.

  • Taking out the sciencey bits from content and removing yourself from content to help people understand it better.

  • How structure can keep your content consistent. And creating content that stays relevant for years.

Ellie tests me on my knowledge about her lead magnets and I fail magnificently. We discuss the difference between vegan and plant-based and why this shouldn’t matter.

And why language matters for encouraging behavioural change, especially when vegan food is mostly bought by non-vegans.


The Facebook groups are a place where I can connect to people and form a community. That’s one of the most important parts for me, as well.

We also cover: 

  • The importance of tone of voice.

  • Why women in tech is the new ‘girl in the band’.

  • I get mean and ask a difficult question.

And importantly, the science around which way around you should make your brew.

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