Episode 33 – Doing a simple content audit

If you’re thinking about creating a content strategy for your business (and you should definitely have one) then doing a simple content audit should be top of your list. Even if your business is new 

Amy Nolan Doodle

I’m the lovely Yorkshire voice behind the Brew Time podcast. I’m a content writer and consultant for vegan and ethical businesses. And I’ve been doing this work for a fair few years now so I thought I’d share some quick tips and stories from along the way.

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Ah the content audit. What could bring more joy to your marketing heart than understanding what content you have and how it’s working for you? 

Give me 10 minutes of your life and find out:

>> Why you need a content audit (even if your business is new). 

>> The steps you need to take to perform a simple content audit

>> How to organise your content as a result

>> The kinds of things you should be looking to do with your content

>> And how to avoid overwhelm when faced with a mammoth list of things that need improving on your site. 



You can download a checklist to keep your content tasks on track. Totally for free. No email required. 


Content Audit

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