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Feeling overwhelmed by the world of content options available?

Want to get on top of your SEO but not sure where to start?

Or realise your brand tone of voice lost its way?

Whether you’re building a marketing team, launching your startup or rebranding, getting in content support can make sure your efforts pay off with a clear content strategy to support your growth marketing plans.


Give all your communications a consistent tone of voice and convey your brand story in a way that resonates with your audience. Plus, getting your content marketing right can mean better SEO, better sales, and building a better brand community.

How we can help your brand:

Create content that resonates with your audience
Know the actions worth your time (and what you can ignore)
Create a consistent story and avoid silos between your marketing teams
Refine your brand story and messaging
Put your content marketing efforts in the right places
Have a content strategy that works with your wider goals

What this looks like: 

We start with a content and SEO audit so you have the baseline to measure your improvements. Then we chat to you and your teams, conduct market research (unless you already have this – we’re not in the business of giving you services you don’t need) and leverage your existing content to create a clear content strategy.


You then get a list of actions to take that will put this strategy into action. It’s helpfully organised into priority and aligned to your marketing budget and resources. So you don’t have to invest more time and money unless you really need to.


We work closely with your marketing manager to make sure everything connects across your teams. It may well be that you’re a team of one – and in which case, we’ll show you how to put everything in motion in the most effective way. So that when you do build your marketing team, you’ll know what kind of skills you need for content and how to get the best out of them.


Fiona is our Content Consultant and writer for B Corps, Vegan brands and ethical businesses. She has over 12 years of experience with content marketing and is the founder of Indie Essentials.

John is our data expert. With years of experience within the retail industry as both a Project Manager and Supply Chain Manager, John combines his skills and experience to support our growing SEO services.

Bea is our associate content writer. Bea brings her extensive experience of marketing within the textile industry and applies it to create high-performing content for our clients.


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