Get more leads by making your content work for you.

Right now you are…


Not making enough sales but feeling exhausted from the cycle of posting and writing


Are churning out content and you're not sure why


And you're not even sure if it's making any difference.


You’ve tried a bunch of courses before. Each sending you off in a different direction, all of it soaking up more and more of your time. Time that you could spend on your business, not trying to ‘train the algorithms’. 

And worse, your confidence is taking a battering. You used to love the writing part of your marketing. Now it fills you with dread. 

Imagine that instead of running around creating endless content for little reward you have a clear path that brings customers to you. 

Think of it as decluttering your cupboards. Your content goes from everything shoved in with some herbs hidden at the back that went out of date years ago to beautiful jars, clearly labelled where you can see and find everything you need. 

Wouldn’t that feel nice and calm? 

And when you have a clear out, you get rid of all the content that’s not serving you, your business or your customers. It leaves you with only the content you need to grow and you can finally see the gaps that you need to plug. 


My  PIMP (Purpose, Impact, Momentum and Profit) programme will help you create purposeful content that gives you time back to focus on your business. 

Like Ellie, who after the first step of the programme found her content strategy much clearer and by week two was getting so many more organic sign-ups from implementing one recommendation. And got sales leads from ONE social media post alone. 

Here’s how it works:

Purpose Content Call

  • I dig about in your content drawers and pull out all the stuff you forgot you had so you can see what needs to change
  • Then I take a look at what’s working and start making a plan
  • This will make the whole process clear in your head
  • And you’ll feel relief that you’re no longer trying to make a generic online course fit your specific business.

Impact SEO and Content Audit

  • I make your SEO simple (and totally not scary) with a big-ass audit and new plan
  • You know all those lead magnets you brushed under the carpet? Yup, I pull them all back out again
  • And the email sequences, ads, blogs, social media, sales pages. The whole lot 
  • Then I follow the path your customer takes and plug the bits where they are getting lost
  • You’ll be able to see what content is working and what you don’t need to waste your time on
  • You’ll stop feeling overwhelmed and start seeing your route through it. 

Metrics-Led and Momentum Building Strategy

  • Ignoring your Google Analytics? I take it off you and give you the headlines that you need to know
  • Then, I share your brand new strategy and plan with you 
  • And you get monthly and quarterly updates so you can see the progress. 

Hello New Customers

  • You get a sales roadmap that shows how all the content you’re creating is going to work towards your goals
  • Plus, I make sure all your current content is getting put to good use
  • So you only make what you need.

Content Plan and Templates

  • I build you a lovely new content plan. Not one that you’ll ignore in a month but one that actually gets used and doesn’t take up hours of your time
  • You have a bank of templates to help you do all that niggly stuff
  • And get some lovely content planning and creation systems that make it all a total joy. 


Impact and Improve Sessions

  • Weekly calls to review the content you’ve created
  • Get feedback so that you can have confidence in everything you create
  • Publish content knowing it’s got a real purpose behind it
  • And create content that takes you to your sales goals.  
  • Plus, I keep you on track so that you know you’ll still be making awesome progress a year from now. 

I’m flippin’ good at this stuff

I’m good at unpicking a mess and seeing the opportunities. I’ve been doing it for years both when I had a proper job and for my lovely clients. With over 15 years of experience spanning music, product businesses, startups, coaches and entrepreneurs. I’ve worked with household brands and one-woman shows. 

I’m driven by my values. These include leaving the world a better place than I found it, working with integrity and being nice to folks.

I know how hard it is to build up and grow a business. It’s too easy to get soaked up in doing the basics of content marketing and getting it out for the sake of it. I make sure you use what you need to and create when it’s necessary. 

Book a call for a no-pressure chat to find out if the PIMP My Content Programme is right for you. 

Fiona is a fountain of knowledge on all-things content and a delight to spend time with. She has an analytical and creative mind was able to take all the ideas in my head and turn them into a comprehensive plan. I came away inspired and armed with the insight needed to crack out content strategy.”

Zell Dello Ioio

Content Manager, Pact Coffee

Within a morning of implementing the work on the PIMP My Content Programme, I already had more organic sign-ups to my newsletter than in the history of my website. It really works!  
Ellie Busby

Founder, Vojo

Bigger impact

I love working with vegan and sustainable businesses to get more out of their content marketing (while also saving them time) because it means you get to make a bigger impact. Your reach increases, which means you can inspire more people to make a change. 

Joyful Content

When I see business owners like you chasing their own tails and posting content that doesn’t feel joyful, it makes me sad. I see the missed opportunities and what could be possible with a little help and a good dose of confidence. 


Built With Purpose

You like creating content but you’re simply not sure what’s working. I don’t fluff around, using marketing terms you don’t understand. Everything I show you is data-led. That means I look at all the boring numbers so you don’t have to. It also means you’re no longer guessing at what works. You can see whether or not it’s working. And I’m not going to tell you to create content for the sake of it. 

When you click that link above you’ll be taken to my booking page where you can pick a time that suits you. It’ll let me know you’ve booked and I’ll do some research about you and your business.

It’s a chat. I’m a friendly person and I’m not going to hard-sell you. In fact, if I don’t think this is right for you, I’ll let you know. I’ve told businesses before that it’s far too early in their journey to work with me. Then sent them off with some good advice and sometimes a contact or two.








I want to work with you for a full year because, on average, it takes between 66 and 258 days to embed a new habit. And that’s when you do it every day. 

I know that if you have the mentoring and accountability, your content marketing will thrive and become part of your daily work rather than a drain on your time. 

This is for you if… 

You like writing but you lack the confidence that what you create is going to hit the mark and get you sales

You're feeling overwhelmed by all the content you need to create

And you want your business to grow

You know you're missing out on sales but aren't sure why

You'd love a helping hand to make sure your content is working as hard as possible.

PIMP My Content works for product and service-based businesses. When you don’t want your content marketing to suck up all of your time but you do want to get the sales or proof of concept. 



This is not for you if… 

You're a brand new business. I have other services that are better for your needs

Business is at the level you want right now and you're not interested in growing it

You'd rather outsource the content

You're happy with the results you're getting right now

Or your product is still being developed.


I'm a one-person business, is this for me?

Definitely. I love working with a business-of-one (or solopreneur if you prefer). When you have to do everything yourself, content can easily get swept to one side when it’s really important to letting people know your business exists. That’s why I have weekly calls so you get the space to create the content and know it’s a good use of your time. 

Is this for product or service-based businesses?

It’s for both. I’ve worked with product and service businesses over the years. I’ll be teaching you my skills but applying them specifically to your business.  I’ve worked with big brands, small family businesses, worldwide selling products and startups. I’m here to help your business succeed. 

We have a content person, can you mentor them?

Absolutely. In fact, this idea was first tested with a new content manager for a national brand. I mentored them through strategy and copywriting. I’d be more than happy to help a member of your team. 

What results can I expect?

That depends on you, your business, how much time you have, and how much work you can put into it. 

One of my clients saw their website traffic double within a month of working with me. Another got sales from one social media post. While one business got more newsletter sign-ups in a day from tweaking a bit of wording than they had all year. 

I'm not a vegan business, can I still do it?

Of course you can. All I ask is that you don’t sell products that are derived from or tested on animals.

Do you offer refunds?

When you sign up you’ll get a contract and some terms and conditions. If you decide it’s not for you within the first two calls, then I’ll absolutely refund your money. 

I don’t guarantee results and you probably shouldn’t trust anyone who does. You get out what you put in. 

How much time will it take?

If you are signed up to the PIMP or Full PIMP programmes, you get a weekly call with me that lasts for an hour. There will be homework, but I adjust this to your capacity. 

Does this include SEO?

Yes. I love creating SEO strategies and I do a full SEO audit of your website so you know what you need to fix. Plus, I’ll be on hand for anything that you don’t understand. 

Do you create the content for me?

Only under the Full PIMP programme. If you buy one of the other programme levels and decide you need help creating content, then I can add this service on for you or recommend someone lovely to help.