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This is my ‘now’ page. For those who don’t know what a ‘now page’ is, go and check out Derek Sivers writing on this right here.

August 2022

The kids are off school for six weeks so half my life is spent trying to cram work into the cracks of the day and the other half is doing fun stuff like going to Waterworld and walking up the Malvern Hills. 

I know which half I’m enjoying the most. My eldest is 11 and he’s already not too keen on some of the stuff my youngest loves to do so it’s a balance. Next year he might not even want to hang around with us. So we’re trying to do lots of stuff the whole family loves while we can. 

We’re off the Green Man Festival in the middle of the month. That’s going to be our summer holiday for the year. A week of camping in Wales. We’re taking all-weather clothes this year. 

Books I’ve been reading: 

Into the Woods by John Yorke has been a fascinating read and now I can’t watch a film without breaking down the structure and guessing the end.  The cool part is that this book can also apply to blog writing (or any writing actually). Helpful in my line of work. 

Black Hole by Charles Burns – this has long been on my graphic novel hit-list and I was so looking forward to it. I got a copy from the library and I’m glad as I think it was built up too much and didn’t reach my high expectations. I might have preferred it more in my 20s. It was good and well worth a read. 

Catch the Rabbit – Lana Bastašić – one of the best novels I’ve read in years. This one is still very much living with me. A story of the Bosnian war from the perspective of a young woman and her best friend. Utterly brilliant. 

How To Kill Your Family – Bella Mackie – This reminded me of another book of a similar title but given I managed to read it in about three days, this is a good summer read. Brutally funny and a great commentary on male privilege. Also, I had fun guessing who some of the characters might have been based on. 

Jane is Trying – Isy Suttie – I expected this book to be funny and it didn’t disappoint. Again, a speed-read and also having lived in Matlock for four years, I could recognise some of the inspiration for the fictional location in this book.  If you read it, then go visit Scarthins in Cromford 


Supersonic Festival has been the gig highlight last month. Three (well, two for me) glorious days of underground music to explore in Digbeth, Birmingham. 

Richard Dawson and Circle closing were an absolute joy. 

Records on heavy rotation this month are: 

– Baroness back catalogue

– A.A. Williams

– Thou and Emma Ruth Rundle

– White Hills


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