Episode 52 – No more recipes! Alternative vegan content

Cara Melzack

Welcome to the Brew Time Podcast. I’m Fiona, your content marketing mentor. I’m here to walk you through all the content marketing choices you have so that you can grow your vegan and ethical business.

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This podcast episode is in collaboration with The Happy Tea Company. Sustainable herbal tea. Grown in Worcestershire with love.

If you run a vegan business, especially a business that involves food, then the go-to content is often to create recipes.

But what if by going down this route you’re creating yourself more problems than you’re solving?

I cover when you should definitely use recipes for your vegan content and when you should probably get creative in this week’s podcast episode.

Why we use recipes

Recipes do make good content. Usually, they make good searchable content. It’s solving a customer problem, right? Going vegan or got a vegan to feed? You’re gonna need some vegan recipes.

Only, the problem is that the search intent is not to buy. It’s to get a recipe, maybe make it and then that’s it. So while it can definitely help bring traffic to your website, are they the people who want to buy your products and services?

Plus, everyone does recipes which means that whatever you put out is going to be facing serious search competition. Making it harder for your content to be seen.

Recipes and Search

And then there’s what people do to recipe blogs when they create them. You have to scroll through a life story about how much this recipe means to them before you even get to the part you want. This isn’t good for your website user. They want to grab the recipe and go. Which is why you’ll then add a pop up to the page advertising your freebie. Only this has just added another piece of friction between the user and the content. Not good.

With so many clear reasons to not post recipes, why are so many good vegan businesses still doing it?

Okay there are times when using a recipe is a good idea. Reels, TikTok, Instagram are all great places for recipes. Again, you have a high amount of competition to get through but it’s not impossible.

But what about doing something else? What if you thought beyond food? People who buy vegan food – and other products and services – think beyond what they eat. And they have problems to solve that don’t involve filling their tums. What if instead, you looked at this and started creating different content?

Even if you run food or cooking based businesses. There are way more reasons for someone to want to come to your website than reading a recipe and I bet when they do, their search intent changes.

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