Episode 36 – Level up Your LinkedIn with Sabrina Lee

LinkedIn expert, Sabrina Lee, joins me in conversation this week to discuss top tips and big mistakes on LinkedIn. Plus, why we should be tracking our green metrics. And what vegan businesses need to do to stand out on LinkedIn.

Sabrina Lee

Sabrina worked in international development organisations for 15 years before deciding to start up her own charity communications, research and fundraising consultancy.


Sabrina has been successfully running LinkedIn coaching and training programmes, as well as running group coaching and 121 coaching since early 2021. She has facilitated several training courses for networks, colleges and training academies.

Show notes


LinkedIn expert Sabrina Lee joins me on this week’s episode to discuss her top advice for building a business on LinkedIn and how vegan businesses can adapt to a changing marketplace. 

Join our conversation where we chat about:

>> Selling on LinkedIn

>> Only focusing on one platform to get rid of the overwhelm when it comes to online marketing

>> How Sabrina used her fundraising experience to pivot into training plant-based business on LinkedIn

>> The importance of being yourself online

>> How to do video for LinkedIn when you don’t feel comfortable being on camera.

>> Why you need to get over yourself on LinkedIn to build your confidence

>> Being brave on LinkedIn

>> Why personal posts will always do better than sales posts on LinkedIn

>> The changing marketplace for vegan and ethical businesses

>> Why being vegan is no longer enough to be a USP

>>  And why your business may not be as green as you think.

>> How an experiment to share prices on LinkedIn came with some interesting results and why you should be doing this.

>> Why you need to think about posting content as only a part of a bigger strategy – plus what you should be doing on LinkedIn

>> Using your LinkedIn as a testing ground

>> The biggest mistake people make on LinkedIn

>> Sabrina’s top tip about creating a strong network on LinkedIn

>> And what you can do to stay organised if you don’t use a scheduler.

>> Plus Sabrina’s advice to stand out online as a vegan business


Find out if you’re using all the features on LinkedIn and what both Sabrina and I have discovered about Creator mode at the time of recording.

We look at why businesses might need to start tracking their ethical data.

Sabrina shares some amazing tips on things you can be doing on LinkedIn from today so you can improve your networking on the platform.


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