Episode 47 – Instagram and Influencers with Cara Melzack

Cara Melzack from Cara & The Sky joins me for a virtual brew and a chat about the power of photography, Instagram, influencers and what it is really like to set up a knitwear brand in lockdown while starting a family. 

Cara Melzack

Cara Melzack is the founder of the vegan and sustainable knitwear brand, Cara & The Sky. With over 10 years of fashion industry experience and knowledge, Cara launched the brand in 2019 and it has grown exponentially to now be selling in boutiques across the UK, Ireland and Canada. All while starting a family and the brand in lockdown.

Show notes


This podcast episode is in collaboration with The Happy Tea Company. Sustainable herbal tea. Grown in Worcestershire with love.

Cara Melzack from Cara & The Sky joins me to talk about Instagram and influencers. We also touch on what it means to have a values-led brand and how you bring your family and community along on your journey.

We have a virtual brew and chat about:

>> Starting a knitwear business in lockdown while starting a new family

>> The unforeseen difficulties of logistics

>> Why creating a vegan and sustainable business is vital now and in the future

>> The amazing benefits of producing knitwear in the UK

>> Why the provenance of your clothes matters for sustainability

>> What it means to be body positive in your content

>> The power of photography – and the considerations you need to give to communicate with images across cultures

>> The secrets behind building a successful influencer campaign


Cara tells me about why Instagram has completely changed the direction of her brand. Why she sticks to the platform. And how she leverages her skills to build a brand that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

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