Episode 42 – Human connections with Lisa Staff and Deevo Tindal

Lisa Staff and Deevo Tindal from Sprout Connectors join me to chat about what it means to create content that connects and attracts the right people to your brand. 

Janine Coombes

Lisa Staff is an enigmatic and unconventional female CEO with over 30 years running small businesses, former fashion model, entrepreneur-extraordinaire, single mother and interior and exterior design expert. She heads one of the most sought after photography studios in the Carolinas and photographs Commercial, Design, Weddings, and Fashion in Hilton Head, SC, USA.

Deevo is a thought leader, photographer, videographer, blogger, serial entrepreneur, ex-college athlete, former corporate executive, single father of two promising young ladies and now an emerging strategy consultant and paid speaker, who is fast making his way as an expert in creative digital architecture to help small businesses and entrepreneurs brand and market. His current company, Fusion Photography, is an international photo, video, and content creation studio, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. 

Show notes


If you want your content to make an impact and truly connect with your audience, then you need to go deep when it comes to branding.

This week, I’m joined in conversation with Lisa Staff and Deevo Tindal from Sprout Connectors. They share their holistic approach to content, why telling your story is key and how important it is to make that human connection with your audience.

Join our conversation where we chat about:

>> Their story of how Sprout Connectors came into being through a meeting on Instagram

>> How to leverage Instagram for leads and networking

>> Why photography is at the heart of storytelling and how you can attract the right clients depending on the images you use

>> Bargain-basement photos will only attract bargain-basement clients
>> And the damage that can be done by over-estimating DIY skills

>> What makes a scroll-stopping image and why what you think will work may not be what your audience wants

>> Why you need a human connection no matter how big your business

>> Truly listening to what people are saying is the key to creating better content and making more of an impact

>> Why people want to hear about your superpower – even if you think everyone else can do it because you find it easy

>> Plus, how you can approach changes with social media platforms that you have no control over to continue to build your brand online.


Lisa and Deevo share their insights into how small businesses can leverage their position at the moment. And why we’re going through a significant shift in how things are done.

They have some very wise words to say about storytelling, value proposition and why you should treat your marketing content like a conversation with your loved ones.

This conversation is packed full of advice and will definitely help you think about content differently.

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