Brew Time Podcast Episode 8

Episode 10 – with Lottie Unwin

This week I’m chatting to Lottie Unwin, founder and creator of The Copy Club, a network with a difference. And she’s the Head of Marketing for drinks brand Nix and Kix.

Lottie Unwin

Lottie Unwin is the founder and motivational all-star behind The Copy Club. She joins the Brew Time podcast this week to talk about her work behind the scenes to build The Copy Club that is a huge lesson in growing the right kind of community for your business.


Creating a smaller community who have a more emotional affiliate to what we’re doing

Show notes

Listen to this episode for some brilliant insights into building a small but mighty community and pivoting a business through lockdown.

In this podcast we discuss:

>> How to start a networking group (even if it’s by accident) and why you need to allow that organic growth to develop based on what people want rather than your own master plan. 

>> How Lottie used her need to bounce ideas off other Heads of Marketing to develop the idea that became The Copy Club.

>> Why you need to let a vision crystalise before you begin to drive it forward.

>> How harnessing co-learning can be a conversation rather than ‘networking’.

>> Why it’s important to have people around you at work and in life that are interested in what you do.

>> Lottie’s fundamental belief about networking and why this has attracted people to The Copy Club.

>> The importance of personal development within startups and how you can do this without a budget.

>> Why ‘free events’ are ineffective when they are hidden sales pitches and business development.

>> How having a ‘no selling’ rule creates a thriving freelancer community.

>> Why The Copy Club is called The Copy Club (which has nothing do to with copywriting). And is inspired by Shopping Safaris.

>> Challenging yourself to join up dots and create real innovation. And using time hacks from this.

>> How to transition from in-person events to online events during lockdown. And how lockdown accelerated plans.


We talk about the challenges of growing a team as a small business. The difference between the external perception of your and the internal actions you need to take.

Giving a percentage of membership fees away to charity and why that matters to Lottie. And harnessing the power of recommendations and referrals. All of this makes The Copy Club a membership where members get stuck in and make it special.

Plus, Lottie tells us her big tip for your content and answers the Big Brew Question.

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