Insights with Alexia Leachman

Episode 12 – with Alexia Leachman

This week I’m chatting to Alexia Leachman, founder of the Head Trash Clearance Method.

Alexia is one of the most insightful people I’ve met and she doesn’t hold back. There’s so much goodness in this episode – both from her view on content and sharing her work. 


Alexia Leachman

Alexia is an author, podcaster, and an all round marketing bad-ass. She shares some of her experience in marketing, and the fears that hold business owners back.


Why get hung up about stuff if it’s just going to take your power away?”

Show notes

Listen to this episode for brutal honesty, a look at the reality of running and online business and the power of clearing all your head trash. 

Audio quality alert – this episode is recorded in lockdown and so you might hear my kids charging about in the background. I thought about re-recording it but this is the reality of running a business right now. So left it in. 

In this podcast we discuss:

>> What the Head Trash Clearance Method is and how it helps business owners

>> Plus the clinical research  – and the exciting results that have come out of the study.

>> How phobias can hold us back. And how Alexia got rid of hers in five minutes – and the benefits it brought to her.

>> The surprising fear that holds lots of people without them even realising.

>> How unrealised fear can impact our productivity – including spending too much time in our emails.

>> Alexia’s honest post around the fear of selling and her surprising self-realisation.

>> How Alexia’s insight helped prompt me to start this podcast – and what holds people back when they fear being seen.

>> Plus, how you can work with this to improve your public speaking, willingness to put yourself forward and networking.

>> Owning your faults and fears so that you can move your business forward.

>> Productivity – the things you need to work on to increase your focus and get more done.

>> Your mind can be open to distractions but you can change this and have more clarity.


We chat about the reality of trolls on social media when you’re running a business (Alexia shares her views on dealing with them). And how being honest in what you share, attracts the right people to your business. 

We also chat about Alexia’s full suite of online marketing tools and what she’s found to work – plus the danger of creating free content. 

And the costs involved in running a Facebook group. 

Plus Alexia answers the Big Brew Question – along with some sad tea news.  

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