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Episode 18 – Copy Clinic Workshop

Losing the will to blog? Not sure where to go next with your content? You are not alone. Work by the rule that when a few people say the same thing – create content. And that’s where this episode has come from. 

I’m the lovely Yorkshire voice behind the Brew Time podcast. I’m a content writer and content manager for some lovely businesses. And I’ve been doing this work for a fair few years now so I thought I’d share some of the stories from the amazing people I’ve met along the way. 

Show notes

In this special episode, I walk my content writer, Bea Abalti through a copy clinic workshop.

My copy clinic is designed to help you get over a content creation slump and figure out what you should be doing to create better blogs. 

Bea is my associate content writer and social media manager here at Indie Essentials, 

She also runs a business herself and has a new website. Bea has kindly agreed to do a recorded workshop where we work through some ideas of what she can and should be writing on her blog. 

So that you can get an idea of what happens during a Copy Clinic. 

I scour your content and help you come up with a plan to go forwards and create content differently. 

You’ll end the Clinic with a firm plan of action and I’ll be coming back with blog outlines for you (and checking in that you’re doing the work). 

It’s more than just having a conversation with me. You’ll get insight on what you need to be doing and feel inspired about your business again. 

So while each Copy Clinic is unique to you – get a taste of what it’s like on this episode. 

And if you’ve got a new business – there might be a few ideas in here for you as well. 


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