Content Writer Training

Fancy training to be a content writer?

Content writing is a great way to earn a living. And if you run a small business, content writing skills will help you sell your products and services.

Content writing training from Indie Essentials will walk you through the process to produce content that converts. Working one-to-one, you’ll produce a blog each week, with critical feedback to help you improve your writing skills and give you the foundations you need for a career in content writing.

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Who is this training for?

VAs, Social Media Managers, journalists, small business owners, and anyone who has considered a career as a content writer but not known how to get started. You might already have a personal blog and be looking for an additional income stream that complements your current work.

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One-to-one training

The ten-week course includes a weekly hour video call, writing exercises, weekly coursework and feedback.

By the end of the course, you will master what makes a good blog, where to get your ideas, how to edit and start your own content writing business.

10-Week Content Writing Training Includes


Week 1 - Thinking Like a Journalist

We’ll cover the basics of story gathering, headlines and how to create a blog structure that people want to read.


Week 2 - Thinking Like a Copywriter

We’ll look at the basics of writing to convert. And how to apply these to the previous week’s lesson.


Week 3 - Blog ideas and development

You’ll never be short of blog ideas after this lesson and you’ll know how to develop your idea into a blog that serves a purpose.


Week 4 - Editing

Learn how to edit your own work, what to cut and when to leave it alone. Discover the techniques to make a good blog great. And why you need to spend more time editing.


Week 5 - Image stats and graphics

Content writing is definitely more than words. We’ll look at some pretty images, graphics, and infographics.


Week 6 - SEO or No?

We’ll cover some basic SEO principles with content writing and when you want to use them. Understand how to bring SEO techniques into the writing process.


Week 7 - Getting to know your content management system

We’ll go over how to upload content onto WordPress. Or your preferred content manager system. Tips and tricks you might miss. And checklists.


Week 8 - How to repurpose your content

Why stop at the blog? Learn how to turn your blogs into social media content, newsletters, and visuals. And why you need to consider the whole page as a content writer.


Week 9 - Show don't tell

Building your portfolio, writing content for yourself, and attracting your ideal client.


Week 10 - Finding clients and building a content writer business

By week ten you’ll be confident at creating blog content and be building a portfolio of work to show your skills to potential clients.

We’ll go over how to attract your dream client. And why exposure doesn’t pay the bills.


14 + 10 =

Still want more info? 

If you’ve got this far then you’re probably wondering about the price. For a 10-week course where you get 1-1 training, and feedback on ten blogs that you’ll develop and write throughout the course, it costs £600.

And the return on your investment?

A good writer is priceless to a business. If you do the work, then you’ll be a better writer at the end. You’ll be able to offer more services and charge more for what you do.

Still unsure? Let’s have a chat anyway.


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