Episode 19 – Blogging vs podcasting – which is the best format to use? 

In this brew-length episode, I take a look at blogging v podcasting and which is the better medium for marketing your business. 

I’m the lovely Yorkshire voice behind the Brew Time podcast. I’m a content writer and content manager for some lovely businesses. And I’ve been doing this work for a fair few years now so I thought I’d share some of the stories from the amazing people I’ve met along the way. 

Show notes

Alright, I’ve not been podcasting for long enough to have a proper say on it but I can see enough pros and cons of both podcasting and blogging to understand whether or not it will be right for your business. 

In this brew-length episode of the podcast, I go through blogging v podcasting to help you decide which format you should be using in your business. 

And look at the realities of both kinds of content. 

In this episode I explain: 

>> How long it really takes to create a podcast

>> The pros and cons of making podcasting your main piece of content

>> All the good stuff that comes with podcasting

>> Plus, the pros and cons of blogging for your business

And I talk about how you can decide which is the right format for you and your business. The reasons you might find blogging harder. And the benefits of blogging over podcasting. 

So if you’re wondering which is the better marketing medium for your business – blogging or podcasting – this is the episode for you. 

And what you need to do no matter which format you decide to use.

All in the time it takes you to have a brew.

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