Episode 23 – Ace it on Instagram (when you don’t have a blog)

In this brew-length episode, I walk you through an example of a business rocking it on Instagram and doing business without a blog.  Listen below to find out the elements you need for this. 

I’m the lovely Yorkshire voice behind the Brew Time podcast. I’m a content writer and content manager for some lovely businesses. And I’ve been doing this work for a fair few years now so I thought I’d share some of the stories from the amazing people I’ve met along the way. 

Show notes

I’m using a case study this week to show you how you can create content without using a blog, podcast or video channel. 

It can be done but takes a lot of hard work and doing things just right. 

In this episode I explain: 

>> What kinds of things you need to do to make your social media work super hard when you don’t have a blog.

>> Getting 100% clear who you are talking to.

>> How you can get your customers to find you without SEO

>> What it takes to get potential customers thinking about spending with you. 

All using a case study from the fabulous Girls on Hills over on Instagram

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