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Indie Essentials is here to give you better content. We do this through years of experience in copy, creating content and studying the data.

Our approach to content marketing is grounded in our values. That a business can have integrity, put the planet and people before profits and still be successful. This is why we don’t believe in creating content for the sake of it or because it’s what’s done.

We give our clients services that are designed specifically for their goals. Content as individual as their brand and the customers who support them.

We tell stories, create communities and connect with people.


Fiona is our Content Consultant and writer for B Corps, Vegan brands and ethical businesses. She has over 12 years of experience with content marketing and is the founder of Indie Essentials.

John is our data expert. With years of experience within the retail industry as both a Project Manager and Supply Chain Manager, John combines his skills and experience to support our growing SEO services.

Bea is our associate content writer. Bea brings her extensive experience of marketing within the textile industry and applies it to create high-performing content for our clients.


Fiona started Indie Essentials when she was on maternity leave after her second child. Although it really started years before this point – she just hadn’t found her feet yet.

For many years, Fiona worked in independent music. Her values and passion took her on an unexpected career journey which ended when she found out that childcare in London was ever so slightly more than what she earned.

Rather than accept this – Fiona looked at how she could use her skills to support businesses as online marketing was growing. The good news was that she could write and market on a shoestring budget.

As the family grew, so did the business. All our team members reflect the brand values of creating this connection with clients.

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