Episode 55 – 5 Bit of Data You Can Easily Track

Cara Melzack

Welcome to the Brew Time Podcast. I’m Fiona, your vegan marketing mentor. I’m here to walk you through all the content marketing choices you have so that you can grow your vegan and ethical business.

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This podcast episode is in collaboration with The Happy Tea Company. Sustainable herbal tea. Grown in Worcestershire with love.

Getting your head around Google Analytics

There’s plenty of data you can track and analyse to make the most of your content but getting your head around Google Analytics can be as dull as dinner on your own. Sure, it’s not sexy like creating pretty graphics on Canva. And looking at numbers doesn’t give you the dopamine hit you get for people liking your content. But a few bits of data can help you create better content and, more importantly, sell more stuff. 

Here’s 5 ideas you can look out for: 

1. How folks find you

You’ll see this on your analytics under ‘acquisition’. It means how your website acquired that visitor. 

Usually, it will come from a search engine, from someone putting your website URL directly into the browser, or from social media or a referral link. That’s another website if you’re not sure. 

If you know where people find you, you can focus your efforts on those places and not waste your time elsewhere. 

Although, you also need to look at this in the context of all the other data. You could get loads of hits from Facebook but they are leaving your site after a minute and never buying anything. While you’re putting effort there, you’ve missed that you have fewer people coming through search but these guys are signing up to your newsletter. 

Data on its own will only tell part of the story

2. The first page they see

This is your landing page. It’s the page they ‘land’ on when coming to your website. You’ll want to be looking at what they are doing when they hit this page. Are they getting a lead magnet? Reading another blog? Heading to a sales page? Or simply leaving again? 

When you know this, you can make these pages better so they work even harder for your business. 

3. How long they spend on your website

When you know how long someone spends on your website on average, you can make decisions about how well your content is performing. Well written content will keep people on for long as they are reading, watching or listening.  This is also good for your SEO. 

If they are hitting your site and leaving a few seconds later, they’ve not found the answer to their question. Or what they are looking for. In which case, you have some choices. Is the content attracting the right people? If so, what can you do to make it better? 

4. Do they ‘bounce’ back off again? 

The bounce rate is the percentage of people who look at one page and then leave. You want to reduce this by encouraging them to look around your site a bit more. 

It’s a bit complex as you need to understand someone’s intention when they hit your site. For example, getting a recipe means they intend to make the food and then probably leave. But if you can entice them to look at something else, you’ll start building that trust enough so they can make a micro-commitment, such as following you on social media or downloading that freebie. 

5. Popular content

This is different from your landing pages – although might have a lot of the same content. You need to understand which posts and pages people love so you can make sure they work hard to lead folks to your mailing list. Also, if something is working well, do more of it. 

But remember…

Data is only good if you do something with it. This means asking the right questions and taking action. Otherwise, it’s a right old waste of time. 


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