Are you running out of content ideas for your keywords? Or have you used your keywords and search terms so much they are starting to feel overused?

Ensuring your content is reaching your audience is key, especially when 95% of people searching Google only look as far as the first page of results. Moreover, that people are likely to search in their local area first for products and services means you really need to be ranking in those local search terms.

Just how much mileage can you get out of a finite list of keywords?

The more fresh content you have, the more your website will rank. BUT you need to providing content that your audience wants or else they simply won’t engage with it.

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Key customers over key words

If you’re creating content around keywords rather than answering a problem that your audience has, then you are going to run out of ideas pretty quickly. Limiting your content creation and website copy to search terms instead of answering the questions your audience has means you risk potential clients being turned off from what you are writing. Answer the question first with content that your audience wants and it should naturally include the search terms they use.

Widen the net

If you have overused your keywords, go back and review what is happening, what your customers are looking for and searching. You may find there are ideas in a new search that weren’t available the last time you checked. Don’t just check once, check often.

Refresh your content

Instead of constantly creating content, go back and look at what your most popular posts are and see what you can do to freshen these up. Give them some copy tweaks, update them and then re-share them. This is less work and you know you’re already giving your audience something they need.

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